See below for some of our best selling brands of hats

Brand: Scala

Style: Panama
Color: Natural

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Brand: Head N Home

Style: Durban
Color: Copper 

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Brand: Scala

Style: Toyo Gambler
Color: Two Tone Natural and Black

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Brand: Stetson

Style: Presidio
Color: Natural Palm

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Choose from a Variety of Brands Including the Popular Brand "Baggallini"

Brand: Magnifique

Style: Zip Top Shoulder Bag
Color: Hand Painted Leather 

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Brand: Laurel Burch

Style:  Tote Bag 
Color:  Multi   

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Brand: Baggallini

Style: On Track Cross Body
Color: Steel Blue

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Brand: Chala

Style: Zip Tote
Color: Teal with Dragonfly

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The Brands we carry


- Wallaroo
- Tilley
- Herschel
- Scalia
- Sunday Afternoon
- Head n Home
- Sunbody
- Aussie Chillers
- California Hats


- Brighton
- Onyx
- Justin
- Tony Lama


- Baggalini 
- Chala 
- Magnifique
- Myra


- Multiples/Slimsations
- Toofan
- Focus
- Impulse
- Newport/Carine 
- JessnJane 
- Color Me Cotton/CMC
- Parsley and Sage
- Bali
- Southern Lady

A Selection of Necklace Sets, Bracelets and Earrings

Brand: Tagua Nut Jewelry

Made in Ecuador
Style: Necklaces, Earrings and Bracelets
Color: Variety

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Brand: Wheeler

Made in North Dakota
Style: Earrings necklaces and Bracelets
Color: Copper

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Brand: Silver Forest

Made in Vermont
Style: Earrings 
Color: Multi

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Brand: Alumenart

Made in Albuquerque
Style: Lightweight Aluminum
Color: Silver

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An Artful Complement for Every Home

Brand: Dynasty Glass

Style: Various Hand Blown Glass Decor 
Color: Multi

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Brand: Raku

Style: Handmade Pottery
Color: Multi

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Brand: KAY DEE Designs

Style: Placemats, Towels and More
Color: Multi

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Brand: Pure Country Weavers

Style: Pillows made in North Carolina 
Color: Multi

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